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  • Website Design - AaL 900px700px
  • Product Design - SKR14 Platinum Plus 900px700px
  • Book Cover Design - TFLOJ - 900px700px
  • Product Design - MFG 5 Steps 900px700px
  • Logo & Banner Design - SK14 900px700px
  • Website Design - TFLOJ - 900px700px
  • Website Design- EY - 900px700px
  • Website Design - EOC - 900px700px
  • Website Design - AOTS - 900px700px
  • Logo & Banner Design - AD - 900px700px


  • “Melissa’s support has been the single most important aspect for me in reaching a level of global recognition. I LOVE working with her and Heart Centered Media. She makes it fun and easy for me to grow my business and GET THINGS DONE! By having Melissa’s support in multiple areas of my business, including telesummit management, copywriting, marketing management and product design, I have been able to achieve my goals and get my mission out to the world in a BIG way!

    Julie Kleinhans,
    Youth Empowerment and Education Expert

  • “The bottom line: the quality of the work was exceptional, the results were as promised, and the process was professionally managed and even funI recommend Melissa and the HCM team without reservation.  Hire her for your next project!”

    Paul Hoyt,
    Business Strategist and Bestselling Spiritual Growth Author

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Heart Centered Media when I accepted their invitation to be a JV Partner. It was a smooth and easy process, without stress or rush… any questions that came up on my end were answered in a timely fashion too (priceless). My list size grew rapidly and I had the pleasure of being part of collaborative project which put a wonderful book in many people’s hands. A win/win! I highly recommend partnering with Heart Centered Media!”

    Lisa Marie Rosati,
    Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan and Sugar Free Goddess

  • “Heart Centered Media is my go-to marketing resource. They’ve created beautiful, professional book covers and made both of my books #1 on Amazon. They handle all of my copywriting including web content, media kits, email newsletters, event sales pages, fliers, and the list goes on. I get more done way faster, save money and trust my brand is being taken care of from a company that truly understands my soul purpose and how to communicate that to my audience. Heart Centered Media is irreplaceable on my team!”

    Jason Nelson,
    Spiritual Teacher and Bestselling Author

  • “Melissa created the pages for my book campaign with ease and professionalism and with absolutely no stress to me! I was totally relieved that I was able to place that most important element of the campaign – a visually inviting and enticing action orientated sales page – completely in Melissa’s hands. I had complete confidence that she’d deliver something special in the short amount of time I had given her – and she did!”

    Vanessa Talbot,
    Success Guide, Life Expander, Author

  • Via my former life as a creative director in the advertising world, I was very impressed with the communication given during the launch as well as the acute attention to detail. My gut says that we will forever be connected by doing this venture together, and I would encourage you to call Melissa to see what she can do for you.

    Eden Kozlowski,
    Just Be LLC/Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness

  • “I absolutely love my new logo! I wanted the final result to represent the connection of my personal spirit and the beauty within my artwork. With Melissa’s attention to detail and creative spirit herself, she was able to listen to my requests and the final results captured all that I intended! In the process of working with Melissa, I gained a stronger clarity of my own mission and work. This has helped me to gain confidence, and therefore has increased my sales!

    Ashley Dull,
    Artist, Illuminating the Peace Within

  • Melissa did a truly amazing job for Shannon Rios, whose album is now a best-seller on Amazon. The web page design is very beautiful and compelling. Melissa was on top of everything. I’m impressed!

    Dr. Margaret Paul,
    Co-Creator of Inner Bonding



Mastermind Live with Suzy Prudden

“Express Your Purpose Powerfully and Become a Bestselling
Author” – Aired June 24th 2013

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Heart Centered Media, marketing for your soul

is a vessel for God to inspire you to live your soul’s
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We are a spirit-guided company and dedicate our work to God.

Melissa Lilly

Melissa Lilly, President

“Together, the world will know your purpose!”

Skills: Creative, Innovative, Detail-Oriented
Values: Integrity, Purpose, Spiritual Guidance

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My Mission with Heart Centered Media is to:

  • Get you grounded into your soul’s life purpose
  • Meet your soul and human needs
  • Help you combine all of the things you love into one business
  • Be honest with you and bust marketing myths
  • Encourage you to live and conduct your business from your unique soul perspective


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